WX afk xp farming by holding rock on the F key?


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Some dude came in as WX, the rest of the team got to the boarior with pigs by having him around and resurrecting him occasionally. He just went to a corner, seemingly put a rock or something on the F key and did nothing else, know this as he did not move unless enemy went nearby and did not use special attacks. Would this be considered botting and something Klei would not allow? You cannot win like this because of how Swineclops works I think, but I'm sure you can at least get past rhinos.

Tanking is more or less the easier job until swineclops, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that idling with a rock on the F key could get you this far. With this in mind, may be a vote-kick and player-replacements would be welcomed mechanics if Forge were to come back once more.

I've seen some "Wilson afk xp farm" servers too. I understand xp farm for people who have the quest for getting to use all 3 types of weapons as Wilson, but the "afk" bit sounds rather suspicious.

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