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Mega Water Seed: 263706056

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Thought I'd share this map seed in case anybody is looking for a map with 5 water sources and 3 AETNs. Two water sources and a natural gas geyser are right near the start. The spoiler below describes where everything is.


Relative to the starting point:
- The Natural Gas Geyser is up and to the left.
- Cool Steam Vents are located up and slightly to the left, another almost directly below, and one quite a ways down and to the left.
- A Hot Steam Vent is located directly below the Cool Steam vent that is located below the starting point.
- One AETN is directly left a fair ways from the NG Geyser, one is all the way on the right side of the map at the same height as the Cool Steam Vent located below the starting point, and one is all the way at the top of the map on the left side.
- A Water Geyser is located above the left side AETN just at the top of a cold biome.
- The top left has two Leaky Oil Fissures, an Infection Polluted Oxygen Vent and a Chlorine Gas Vent.
- There are two Oil Reservoirs and a Minor Volcano near the bottom.
- There are 4 Neural Vacillators (upper left, lower left, and 2 lower right)


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I don't really coun't steam vents as water sources when I'm looking through map seeds. It's a waste of a liquid geyser slot. With the added inconvenience of dealing with a constant 500C of heat.

There are seeds on the seed browser website that have 4 slush geysers + 2 water geysers etc. if you check there.

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