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1. I do not believe the 'are you sure you would like to quit' messages are necessary, as the game saves on quit. They are more a pest than useful.2. Auto-pause on lost focus. Just in case the player alt-tabs without pausing, and dies by lack of light.Also, on a kinda unrelated note, for the amount of hunger they fill, I believe carrots spawn too often. However, they probably do not respawn, unlike other forms of hunger, so it may work out okay in the long run. (I have not made it past day 10)Comments?

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I'd prefer tab not being responsible for map in steam. To acces steam ingame you press shift and tab. So if you were on the map view it will exit it and the game will run. I know it's something you can get used to but I did get in trouble a few times because of it.and yeah the 'are you SURE you want to quit' seems unnecessary but sometimes you change your mind or just click by mistake. I think it can stay.

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