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Save slot portrait for mod character

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Does anyone know how to make save slot portrait for mod character ? I tried but it didn't work, only showed up the default portrait. I tried to change dimension of the image to power of 2 (particularly 128x128), but still no work.


Thanks :) 

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It'd be good if any developer can come and answer this question :( Do you guys now how to tag them ?

11 hours ago, SuperDavid said:

the only mod i saw to get this working before was i think was called Erik or something, I think..was long time ago so I don't really remember.

Is it this mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=839280973 ? 

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Also I guest this cannot be done. As I read serverlistingscreen.lua, the code checks if the mod character is in MODCHARACTERLIST and if yes it will load the corresponding saveslot portrait. However in Server listing screen, our mods are not yet loaded, so the character is not in MODCHARACTERLIST yet, so the avatar falls back to "mod_small" or "unknown". I tried to manually insert the character into MODCHARACTERLIST, but it yields error cannot find the portrait file, maybe also because the mod is not yet loaded. 

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