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  1. Custom footsteps

    I don't think anyone here knows The only way is you actually try it. I'm looking forward to your experiment result. Also maybe Wormwood code may have some hints ? He does spawn flowers as he walks :v
  2. Winona Rework Bug

    not sure if this guy even knows what "bug" mean
  3. Hi everyone, I'm making a custom anim for my mod, based on the beehive's anim. I add some more animations, and rename the bank and the build. Everything is fine except that when it freezes, the frozen effect is not shown. I know this is related to the symbol "swap_frozen", but I don't know how to make it work for custom anim. Any help will be very appreciated. Thanks
  4. On console I enter this : GetPlayer():ListenForEvent("seasonChange", function(it, data) print("CHANGED") end, GetWorld()) then GetSeasonManager():StartHumid() but nothing is printed. I'm using a mod character. Is this a bug or expected ? Thanks.
  5. yep, seems like the Combined status mod causes the issue.
  6. Even for official character, this happens.
  7. Auto Attack Disabling Mod Request

    those lines do nothing, just to make the mod able to import in different DLCs. I'm also working on my mod, and hell the DLC codes are very very different
  8. Hi all, I'm converting my mod from DST, trying to make it compatible with Hamlet and RoG. There are some things that make me confused, please help me understand : 1. I'm using the extended sample character for DS. I have different shapes for head with and without hat. When I enter the game, both shapes are showed, I have to add code to hide and show "HEAD_HAT" when equip and unequip hat. As in DST code for hats, they hide and show symbol "HEAD" and "HEAD_HAT", but in DS code, they are "HEAD" and "HEAD_HAIR". What is the difference ? Is there anyway to make the sample template works without adding code to handle hide/show "HEAD_HAT" ? 2. After adding the code for handling hats, for Hamlet it works fine. However for RoG, after I call GetPlayer().AnimState:Hide("HEAD"), the head is still showed in the back view like this, even for official character Wilson. For my character, it causes the back view not showing properly, as the shape for HEAD is still showing. 3. This is a hard question, maybe I have to solve on my own, but still ask anyway. I have a mob (prefab), that is made follower of the player, having ranged attack with fake weapon like the Cave Spider spitter. In Hamlet, still works fine. But in RoG, after it kills a target e.g. a hound, it doesn't retarget anymore. I tried adding keeptargetfn to validate the target is not dead, but doesn't work either. I tried to force call OnUpdate on component combat, and it works, so seems like the component has stopped updating. Can anyone explain ? By the way this is my mod : , I just bought all 3 DLCs few days ago and am really excited to convert my mod to DS, but those things are causing headache to me I'm really appreciated if anyone could help. Thanks a lot !
  9. Extended Sample Character

    To decompile, please google ktools. And for the head, just make it bigger can you ? You can try decompile Webber or Wilson and copy the size of the head. Agree that the head of this sample character is a bit small tho.
  10. Just as the title says, when I feed Pig King with Money paw, the Pig throws golds upto the air, then the game crashes.
  11. Version 1.2.0


    OZZY THE BUZZY ------------------------- Link on steam : Stats : - Health : 175 - Sanity : 100 - Hunger : 120 Perks : - Is a bee : Yep, he is considered a bee. Spring bees will ignore him, but killer bee hives are still triggered when he comes nearby. - Has his own beehive : Ozzy starts the game with a unique beehive. This beehive will try to protect players ( unless they try to attack it or its bees ), spawn stronger bees with poison sting, and can be upgraded with honeycombs by Ozzy. - Can produce honey by eating petals : After eating certain number of petals, he will drop 1 honey. Discussion : Ozzy has low hunger and sanity, with higher hunger rate, to balance with the bees army. His beehive will try to protect players ( except Webber, he is a monster and deserves no protection ), spawn stronger bees with some abilities. The bees are kinda useful to defense the base against small and medium monsters, but still very weak against Bosses, so you should not depend on them too much. Also, like any other structures, the beehive will be taken down in 1 hit by The Bearger or Clockwork Rook. The bees are also programmed to not be controlled by The Bee Queen, cuz they are mutant bees anyway. Future works : This is my first mod, and I was inspired by the idea of "befriend with mobs and act like one of them" from Webber. There are many things I want to improve in later versions : - Add more bee-like behaviors to Ozzy, for example prefer honeyed foods, have pollinator ability, become angry like killer bee, weaker in winter, stronger and aggressive in spring, hate darkness and rain, gain bonus with petals or flower hat, etc - Add more ability to bees, for example variant attack effects based on season. Currently poison is the only attack effect. I can also change the AI, make them do more strategy. - Work more on the art. For now I'm to lazy that I borrow Wilson's arms, hands, legs and foots for Ozzy Also, if the bees and beehive have their own animation, that will be good. Currently I only make them bigger than normal and change the color a bit - Add unique speech lines, currently using Wilson's speech. - Add his own sound, such as bee buzzing, currently using Webber's sound. - Maybe a bee weapon for him. For example a blade/spear as of pokemon Beedrill. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I made this mod based on The Extended Character Sample : Please feel free to feedback and suggest Anything you can think of a bee-like character. Thank you ! ---------------------------------------------------------------------