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Cooling Steam Geyser with Steam Turbine

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My first post and topic!

I am playing ONI about 2 weeks now and came with a set up for Steam Geyser with Steam Turbine on top to cool condense steam immediately and also get cooled water on output. This is by no means a self made thing I basically mushed up about 3-4 different ideas together with a single unit. Looking for more experience players to tell me if it could be in any way optimised.

Turbine seems to be spinning at about 80% of time. The valve on top outpout 150g/s of water on steel aqua-tuner to keep turbine spinning.

The damage on aqua-tuner was caused by me playing with water valve and leaving it at 0 flow for few minutes by mistake, at 150g/s it takes no further damage and aqua-tuner seems to go about 233C at max.

I hoped that vacum around turbine chamber will help maintaining high temp up time and prevent heat dump in to environment. Big issue with my previous build.  

Any ideas how to make it better are welcome   


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