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Allow putting back stolen items

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6 hours ago, Hx380 said:

Put 10 oincs on the ground near the guard

Hmm, really? Didn't realize you could bribe them to forgive your crime. Interesting.


9 hours ago, ProfMembrane said:

I just lost a 13 day run because I accidentally clicked on a rock near a pig mine and aggroed the pig guards, can we make it so that if you put the item back, you don't basically have to start the whole game over? Or do the pig guards forget after a while?

You don't have to start over... The guards are annoying, but not that difficult to fight 1 on 1. Even if you aren't good at learning kiting patterns, a log suit and a football helmet will basically keep you safe while you faceroll through their attacks. And at night they do less damage with their torches.

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