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  1. [Game Update] - 303804

    hope this isnt a dumb question, but is this about the new cooked foods not having a visual appearance before being picked up from his crock pot, or was there another issue with it? ive been playing him pretty much since we got access to Hamlet and i havent noticed anything being off besides that, but afaik that bug wasnt unique to Warly but happened to all crock pots. i might be misremembering, just curious if its that issue or something in playstyle that ive missed.
  2. QOL update report

    ive lurked this forum long before making an account, but i wasnt aware you were referring to a specific post re: drawing out release date, i thought you had an issue with people being impatient even if they didnt get mad at klei about it. sorry if i took what you said out of context! luckily the update seems to be out when im typing this, so all is well.
  3. QOL update report

    i dont think its 'crying' for people to be excited and wishing it was here. people can be understanding of the fact that timezones exist while still being sad that its not here yet, thats the point of excitement. i think its great that people are looking forward to an update this much!
  4. QOL update report

    do we actually know what specifically is being added? i know its qol improvements, but ive never played dst (though ive watched playthroughs and am vaguely familiar with certain aspects of it), and idk if there is a list of what exactly it is were getting.
  5. ive been playing as Warly pretty much exclusively! theres a lot of good food sources in the game as well as buyable meals, and his Chef's Pouch and Portable Crock Pot are great for going into ruins and exploring in general, as i usually set my main camp up in Pig City and plant some firepits down around ruin entrances. i havent really ran into a lot of issue with him whatsoever, since food is just not as much of an issue for me in this game. i usually play as Wendy or Wigfrid, but the former kind of turned me off playing as her when she angered jungle mobs constantly, forcing me to pick up her flower in the middle of a Spider Monkey's treebnest or Snaptooth colony, while the latter just isnt that great in Hamlet.
  6. I'm on a new save, and while humid season is nearing it's end, yet I haven't been able to harvest Nettle from a single Nettle Vine plant. I haven't picked any of them, I haven't dug them up, and I've checked multiple plants in multiple parts of the map. None of them have grown whatsoever, and now I'm facing lush season in a few days but I have zero Nettle! I don't use any mods or anything like that.