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I'm enjoying Hamlet so much I want to complain

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Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to the Aporkalypse, can't wait to see what it has in store for us... But while enjoying every simple thing I can't help but think about Shipwrecked, in every little detail, getting the cloth without bamboo, getting Anti Venom without coral. And even tho you don't have access to the Shipwrecked tools Hamlet still feels... Wholesome. Every boss in Hamlet (so far) it's an optional one, I read somewhere a complaint asking for seasonal bosses but I don't think Hamlet needs it (either way I don't mind if the Ancient Herald it's obligatory)... I do think Shipwrecked needs it... and that's the thing, I do enjoy the obnoxious things Hamlet throws at you, the not seeing **** part (until you get your own Cowl that is), the best mechanic ever called sneezing... They serve no other purpose than to mess with the player and I'm enjoying every single part of it, the problem comes when you compare them to the Shipwrecked seasons which serve a similar purpose. I think Shipwrecked seasons serve no overall purpose, in RoG each season unique item or mechanic will help you in the next one, ice will help you on summer and the deerclops will help you on both spring and summer, spring boss will help you even more for when summer comes, summer will help you... killing the summer boss more easily the next time lol, and second autumn (or first if u had a spring start) boss will help you even more on winter. There's no such logic on Shipwrecked, u'll always start on Mild Season because Monsoon it's not fair, I'm not saying it's not fair, I'm saying that Monsoon objective it's to affect the player through sheer bs, it requires quite a heavy prepwork that you wouldn't be able to achieve in only four days (or at the very least most players) Just think about it, the only hard thing about a Spring start it's the fact that the first boss you'll be facing it's the dragonfly, wouldn't it be cool that shipwrecked could start the player following the same cycle of RoG?. You could argue, why follow the RoG structure? But then I'll ask you, why four seasons to begin with? Summer brings you the more dangerous mechanic of all RoG, spontaneous fires and it's quite manageable, it requires prepwork to fully have it ease but on an spring start u have more than enough tools to get by with little to no trouble. Shipwrecked's summer equivalent it's most likely the answer to the question, how can we make summer even more obnoxious? "That's right, let's make hell rain on earth". On a Monsoon start will you be able to handle meteors? Well... The thing is that there's nothing to handle, find the volcano and there you go, Dry Season now it's nothing more than another Mild Season, but that raises the question, with Ice Flingomatics it's the Summer just another Autumn? You know the answer already, not quite cause, at the very least, u'll have quite the monster coming to hunt you. Sealnado stuff will help you... handle next Hurricane Season better (cause u won't be able to craft both things you need to fully control strong winds) which isn't necessarily bad by Summer standards but is it equally helpful to deerclops drops?. Everyone has addressed it but don't you feel the water it's full of emptiness? At the very least u should think that are spiders that literally live on the water, wouldn't it be cool to have something like that? Why don't have more hostile stuff on water? Is it maybe because of... Is water fighting fair? Balanced? Don't know, u'll be the judge. Everybody asking for a submarine experience but I'm not really that much into it. I'll be clear on what I would like (just remember this is just my humble opinion and if something sound ****ty that might as well be the case). With a little tweaking I think every season can be the host to an obligatory boss, I think the volcano needs more use as wells as the coconades... Remember that cute fly that you love so much it became a major boss on DST? Remember the fact that it literally flys so it could travel between both land and sea? U could change it yet another time, make it the Goose of Shipwrecked, it'll spawn early on, follow the player a little bit and then go to live on the Volcano... Make a high end boat, like with the obsidian stuff, idk, make it so you can place a war boat on the obsidian workbench and upgrade it even further, give Wigfrid a viking boat or a viking sail, something to compensate the lack of coffee (I really loved the Tropical Bouillabaisse idea but it does not measure up to the coffee), give Walani the ability to upgrade her surfboard into a windsurfing board (maybe then people will really have a reason to use the Feather Lite Sail), make Warly fun, maybe some groups of food will make him deal more damage, other food will make him resist damage in a Wigfrid kindof way, maybe other food will make him work faster, wouldn't it be cool that the strong winds will bring closer some sort of iceberg u could navigate and explore? that way anti freezing clothing will have a purpose, and last but not least, make the volcano fun, I'm not asking for a ruins equivalent, I'm just asking for fun, maybe a boss that'll stay on the center lava pool and you'll destroy him... or her (sorry, I love the cutie fly too) with obsidian coconades.
Someone could argue the same things can be said about Hamlet... Like only Humid Seaons brings something that'll help you take on the next season... But I really like the fact that it's so different, I really like it the way it is, and you wouldn't like to start eleven days before the apocalypse, right? I think the freedom Hamlet has really pays off... But I don't dislike the Iron Hulk  boss idea some suggest people suggest lol.
I already read those threads about upcoming Shipwrcked stuff and I can't help but be excited, maybe Klei has in store for us much more, but I couln't wait to express my feelings.
I have bought every expansion as soon as it comes out, if I need to pay 5 more bucks to have shipwrecked reworked I would gladly do so, heck, I would pay 10 more bucks to have Shipwrecked on the same level as RoG.
If you've come this far thank you for your time, I hope what I said makes sense to you and If not feel free to disagree and please share your opinion and ideas.
Now then... If Don't Starve events happened before DST does that mean that maybe Battlemaster Pugna met the Ancient Herald?
See ya on the Aporkalypse.

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I am really enjoying Hamlet. The gears get annoying though. I saw someone suggest once that maybe for Hamlet only, you could craft them. Also, I loved the fact that you could use your game controller. I just like that feel better and I’m more accustomed to it. That being said, when using the controller, I can not renovate my house. It just shows garland. Now I find out that I also can’t use the smelter. My husband and I love playing dst and I was so excited about Hamlet even though it’s a single player game. I know it’s still early access, but I really do hope those gets resolved. 

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I like the seasons and seasonal giants/monsters in Don't Starve:ROG & Shipwrecked, but I'm enjoying the apparent change in Hamlet beta. People say, "Different is good." I say, "Different can be good." and in this case, I'm feeling its good.

I don't want every DLC to be just a clone of Don't Starve with different skins. I like how they each have a unique feel to them, and the ability to link them all together is extra enjoyable. I'm looking forward to achieving what I call, "The Grand Tour!" where I link Hamlet to Shipwrecked, and Shipwreck to RoG, and then go into adventure mode and sit in the throne... despite the throne's drawbacks.

I don't want to be facing a giant every season, it gets old. I like how they do bats in Hamlet instead of hounds, and I suspect the bats are bugged or unfinished right now, but I'm already sick of the bats. I'm trying to go on an adventure, and every time I turn around I'm fighting bats. I went for 141 days my last run and wasn't able to explore but one or two ruins before dying, because every time I turn around I'm fighting bats. I like the game to be challenging, and Don't Starve:ROG is, and Shipwrecked is, but couldn't Hamlet by default be a little reprieve from the norm?

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