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Forge History


The "Forge History" tab is now available in my Forge Detailed Summary mod ( This new tab is added to the Forge Book and will display stats across all versions of the forge including Forged Forge. It can also display average stats and stats from a specific run. Here is a detailed list of all the features:


Average Stats - This can be toggled on and off by clicking book icon in the top center of the panel. This displays the average stats of all the runs in the current list. Below the player portrait are 5 buttons that will toggle through each category of stats. These categories are: Attack, Crowd Control, Defense, Healing, and Other.


Specific Run Stats - Stats for a specific run can be displayed by toggling off the Average Stats button at the top center of the panel. By default the first run in the list is displayed, but you can click on any run on the list in the bottom left corner and the stats for that run will be displayed. Once again the 5 buttons below the player portrait can be used to cycle through the stats. Additionally, the characters used for the run are displayed in the top left corner and can be clicked on to show that players stats. On the opposite side of the players stats are the team stats. You can click on each of these stats and it will display the rankings of that stat compared to the other team members. All stats are colored by their ranking, gold for first, silver for second, bronze for third, and white for the rest.


 Filters -  At the bottom right there are filter buttons that can be clicked to filter which runs are listed. If you hold shift and click you will toggle all filters in the category off except for the filter you clicked on. If you hold control while clicking a filter then all filters in that category are toggled on. The four categories are:

  • General - Victories Only, Deathless, Unique Characters, AFK Runs
  • Modes - Boarilla, Boarrior, Rhinobros, Swineclops, Original Forge, Forged Forge
  • Player Count - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7+
  • Characters (used by you)


Sorters - At the bottom right, below the filters, there are two spinners. One displays the currently selected run and can be used to switch between runs. The other spinner will sort the runs based on the selected option. The options for sorting are:

  • Most Recent - Organizes the list of runs by date and time with the most recent runs displayed first.
  • Fastest Time - Organizes the list of runs by how long the run was with the fastest times displayed first.
  • Longest Time - Organizes the list of runs by how long the run was with the slowest times displayed first.


  • Stats are retrieved from local files which means if you use a different computer or have erased the files then you will be missing runs. Additionally, any runs that occurred without this mod enable ARE displayed, but Klei does not save user information. This means that all players listed have a generic player name (ie. "player1", etc) except for the user. The user will always have their name displayed for each run.
  • Forged Forge also saves their stats in the same location, so their runs have been included.
  • Average Stats display averages from every run in the current list. This means it includes defeats if you do not have "Victories Only" enabled.

I want to apologize for the delay, it was mostly done at the start of Forge, but I lost interest in modding for a little bit and didn't finish it. I'd also like to thank my friends for testing it and @JoeW and @ScottHansen for giving me some insightful knowledge and making the Forge Book easier to work with. Also, if you have any ideas or issues be sure to post them either here or on the steam mod page.

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