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Sometimes, I hate this game, lol


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Yea, I'm kidding, I love it, but this is my luck:I'm at day 27. This is the furthest I've made it since my return to the game (I made it much much further well before hounds and whatnot were added). I decide to take my pig buddy and fight a spider nest. It spawns nothing but the yellow ones... like 6 of them (warriors?). Anyway, my logsuit breaks and they kill me.No big deal, right? That's what an effigy is for. I learned my lesson last time and built one long before I needed it.So I respawn from the effigy. And immediately hear that signature Harley Davidson revving in the distance sound. You know the one. I run to my nearby chest to see what I've got stashed away.A hammer and a breezy vest. FML.

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Try a pigskin helm & pan flute next time. gg warrior spiders

Good lord.... I had a pan flute on my I believe. Why... :(

Once you get used to it the game is really easy.

Yea I know. It got easy a long time ago and that's why I took a prolonged break. I'm sure it will again, but I'm frustrated and need a short break (like, for the night).
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Yea... as I'm thinking back, I'm pretty sure I had one. I was looking for a Koalephant and I'm pretty sure I brought a pan flute to see if I could put him to sleep (that bastard can RUN). I'm about 87% sure I had one and just didn't think of it.Like I said... FML.

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