How to Cancel Boarrior's Attacks


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So here's a video of me doing this bizarre trick: 

I found out that Boarrior attacks at a very consistent speed, at about 1 hit per 3.07 seconds. Because of this, if you set a metronome to 78.1 bpm and 4/4 tempo, Boarrior will attack to the beat. What this means is if he attacks right after beat 2, he will attack again right after beat 2. This is shown in the first half in the video. With this knowledge, you can chuck Lucy exactly on beat 2, cancelling the attack. However, there are a few catches to this. One, if you chuck Lucy too early, Boarrior will attack anyway afterwards, shifting his attack beat. This is also shown in the video, about halfway through. Another note is that any special attack that causes Boarrior to scream will also delay his next attack, as he must finish his scream before attacking again. This also works in the later stages of the fight as well, with his normal attack, his triple attack, and his spin attack. However, if he aggros onto someone else that is further away, he will do his fissure attack. While this attack is on the same beat as his previous attack and therefore cancel-able, his next attack will fire immediately after the fissure attack.

Last note, I am using the Forged Forge mod in the video, but trust me, it works in the real Forge as well.

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