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Vampire Pig Character

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The fact that the vampire bats drop pig skin? seems to suggest that there are pigs that are turning into these creatures. So, why not create some sort up vampire pig character, who is the one turning the pigs into these creatures? Nosferindtu or Count Porkula, I don't know, I'll leave the puns up to Klei. But you could find him lurking within his own set of ruins or possible even inside a castle somewhere. The mayor or the Queen could even give you a reward for defeating this menace. Plus, there could be some sort of unique items you could get from his castle, or from defeating him.

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I think its an ethical way for the player to get pig skins, since they don't want to kill their pig friends. (Well, some of us don't want to.) And didn't take it as pigs turning into bats. Interesting idea though.

I wish the bats dropped more wings. Or at least I hope there's a way to get an endless supply of wings.

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