The Swineclops Dilemma


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The new boss, named the Infernal Swineclops, has two buffs, which alternate when specials are used. These two buffs, when checked either give him 50 percent damage reduction (and less punches), or a 25 percent damage increase (as well as much more common hits, slams, and his punch combo). Which gives the question: which state gives an easier win (seeing as the states can be controlled to an extent)? The damage reduction makes the match twice as long, but adds a larger margin of error for the team. The attack increase speeds up the match, but makes the boss KILLER. Tell me what strat you use for these states, I have yet to kill the darn thing, and I could really use some advice. 

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Yes, me too but it's seem like it's possible to force the timing of the pattern change, he do the pattern in this order at beginning only Normal and protect, and after it's Normal, Fight, and protect.

It's seem like all special attack force him to switch pattern, but if we don't do special attack switch after a time

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I beat him today with some friends (bear in mind, this was everyone's collective first attempt at beating him, so we didn't know what to expect). The parry is absolutely crucial for this boss. I don't have any advice on patterns, since we were confused and trying to get our bearings with the new enemy, but what I can say is-- use petrify so he won't do a slam attack and then cast healing on him, so that when he breaks out he falls asleep.

For Woodies out there, pay attention to who's parrying. Don't try to interrupt an attack with Lucy when a tank is hiding behind their sword, as this will essentially waste the parry. 

If a lot of people go down, have the mage with the fire staff drag Swineclops to the other side of the map. This will give the rest of the team enough time to resurrect (at one point, our Wilson went down, and we managed to recover by using this strategy). 

It was quite hectic and intense; this is the most information I was able to gather as of right now. If I go up against him again and figure out a good tactic, I'll definitely add another response!

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