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  1. here's my Wormwood I sketched a few days ago!
  2. [Game Update] - 307715

    Thanks for all your hard work, devs. I know there are still a lot of feathers ruffled over here, and I hope it's not stressing you guys out too badly-- have some water, or coffee; get some rest. I'm very proud of how far this company has come and I eagerly look forwards to all your future content. Don't let the chaos over here get you down-- it'll pass, soon enough, I hope.
  3. How to disable Crocodogs in Shipwrecked?

    This is happening to me too-- it also started me in the dry season, when I turned off dry season and set the starting season to "mild". It appears that in SW, the worlds just aren't working as they should be with some prefabs upon worldgen.
  4. Open 101 forge chest - 0 elegant :sad:

    No elegants out of 62 chests, but I got loads of spools to weave the stuff I wanted, so I can't really complain!

    I had my first win against him today! It was everyone's first time seeing him, so it was pretty intense, but we pulled it off! Proud of my team, they were all amazing As for strategy...we were all pretty confused and up against a new enemy, so we were trying to get our bearings. Petrify + heal circle combo makes him fall asleep when he breaks out, I've found. The parry is essential, and Woodie becomes a secondary tank. If a lot of people die, have someone drag swineclops to the other side of the map (at one point wilson died and we still pulled it off due to this).
  6. The Swineclops Dilemma

    I beat him today with some friends (bear in mind, this was everyone's collective first attempt at beating him, so we didn't know what to expect). The parry is absolutely crucial for this boss. I don't have any advice on patterns, since we were confused and trying to get our bearings with the new enemy, but what I can say is-- use petrify so he won't do a slam attack and then cast healing on him, so that when he breaks out he falls asleep. For Woodies out there, pay attention to who's parrying. Don't try to interrupt an attack with Lucy when a tank is hiding behind their sword, as this will essentially waste the parry. If a lot of people go down, have the mage with the fire staff drag Swineclops to the other side of the map. This will give the rest of the team enough time to resurrect (at one point, our Wilson went down, and we managed to recover by using this strategy). It was quite hectic and intense; this is the most information I was able to gather as of right now. If I go up against him again and figure out a good tactic, I'll definitely add another response!
  7. 18 levels - no elegant

    I got Woodie's entire set, head and all, in beta. Currently level 38 and no elegant, but I have enough spools for everything I want, which is nice!
  8. It was a lot of fun to try the Tournament! I wasn't able to get my score past 4898 due to my repeated stress injury acting up, but it was really nice! I had a great time!
  9. EDIT: I believe that what caused the crocodogs to spawn was the fact that I had recently set up fish farms instead, as I created another world with no crocodogs and no volcano, set up fish farms, and they spawned.
  11. I had turned off crocodog spawning on the world slider, and had 90 days without an attack, and yet about 20 seconds after entering and exiting the volcano, I was besieged by crocodogs and have been getting routinely attacked by them ever since.
  12. Yes, I do believe the team is working on this as we speak-- we just need to have a bit of patience!
  13. Sorry to bug you all again-- I reported an issue a few days ago about the Warhound Helm skin, where the item icon was not showing up in the inventory (which has since been resolved), and the same thing appears to affect the Puppy Cap skin as well-- not entirely sure if this has been reported already, but I'm leaving this here just in case! Thank-you, and I forgot to thank you for resolving the issue with the Warhound Helm, so thank-you x2!
  14. When the warhound skin is applied to the football helmet, the item icon disappears (though not the durability). In the crafting menu, it also seems to show the icons of different skins as well, such as the classic skin or the barbed helm skin.