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  1. A FESTIVAL ABOUT CROWS!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!? COUNT ME IN!!!
  2. This is still happening to me on Mac!
  3. Hey there! I was wondering if the Tin Fishing Bin had been adjusted or tweaked to not revert fish spoilage anymore (or to slow it to a rate that I can't notice)? I thought it might be a mod, but I started a fresh vanilla world, placed a fish in the bin, and it still caused my fish to spoil over time. I'm sorry if this was intentional and I just missed it in a patch! (Sorry for the post in Don't Starve singleplayer bugs, I misread the tracker page!)
  4. I have also found a way to occasionally catch fish without having to reel them in-- it doesn't work 100% of the time, but if you cast extremely close to your boat when fish are nearby, you'll skip the need to reel and the prompt will go straight to "catch". I don't know if this is an intended feature or not, but it's pretty cool in my opinion!
  5. I've discovered two recipes for Surf 'n' Turf so far!
  6. OHHH thanks! I didn't think to spam right click...thanks a million!
  7. I can't for the life of me figure out how to actually reel one in-- has anyone actually caught anything yet? Not sure I understand the mechanic at the moment. There's no line indication to show me which fish is currently hooked / where it is in the water; all I've figured out how to do is to not snap my line so far.
  8. I would've accepted the update from the other day, but I'm so, so thrilled that you've refreshed the rework! I double-main Woodie and Wortox, so I'm very pleased to see one of my favorite characters being in the spotlight!
  9. This happens to me as well. I would like to add that even if they are set to none, they will also come for your fish farms when the farms get full, even if you haven't entered the volcano...
  10. Thanks for all your hard work, devs. I know there are still a lot of feathers ruffled over here, and I hope it's not stressing you guys out too badly-- have some water, or coffee; get some rest. I'm very proud of how far this company has come and I eagerly look forwards to all your future content. Don't let the chaos over here get you down-- it'll pass, soon enough, I hope.
  11. It was a lot of fun to try the Tournament! I wasn't able to get my score past 4898 due to my repeated stress injury acting up, but it was really nice! I had a great time!
  12. EDIT: I believe that what caused the crocodogs to spawn was the fact that I had recently set up fish farms instead, as I created another world with no crocodogs and no volcano, set up fish farms, and they spawned.
  13. I had turned off crocodog spawning on the world slider, and had 90 days without an attack, and yet about 20 seconds after entering and exiting the volcano, I was besieged by crocodogs and have been getting routinely attacked by them ever since.
  14. Yes, I do believe the team is working on this as we speak-- we just need to have a bit of patience!