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Two new Molecular Forge Materials

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Space materials got noteworthy traits that makes them worthwhile, like viscogels static properties or super coolants heat absorbption.

Sappy speech aside, I propose two new materials that are both Solid metals that both work refined and and as unrefined metal subsitutes. They got entirely new traits.

One is ”Aquatic Steel” to give a simple codename for it. It is found on an oceanic planet with lots of water, it gives you the raw form that you combine with steel to get the usable material.

Its properties are similar to gold, somewhat conductive but no overheat temperature bonus. However, its unique perk is that, it will do that machines built by it are unaffected by flooding.

Meaning that it can be put entirely submerged in liquid and be perfectly fine about it. It would give some unique oppurtunities to put heat creating things deep in a liquid.

The other is Menderite, found on a new planet with its own unique plant with it. The raw material is combined with Iron at the forge for the usable material. 

First lets talk about the plant, the sap plant, it is important for the said metal. Its growing conditions is, liquified Chlorine(Yay for chlorine geysers!), 40-70*C, and Sour gas atmosphere to make it unique to grow. Another detail is that you wont get seeds when harvesting the plant, meaning that you only get more from returning to the planet. 

It is harvested for Sap chunks that is the repair material, to Menderite alloy. One chunk, one entire repair. Another quirk for Menderite is that it has +100% Hitpoints before breaking. This makes it a good metal to allow them to carelessly break, and then get them repaired because the repair material is fairly renewable, unlike raw ore that is non renewable so you have to treat them with care.

Allows for some unique and cheesy use, like letting something overheat, and then repair it for a cheap price with manual labour

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