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Where is the best place to get Don't Starve news?

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Checking the various message boards takes some time, and sometimes I feel like I miss some news. I check Klei's Twitter, but some things, like the Forge beta, didn't seem to be announced there, unless I missed that tweet. Is there some convenient one-stop-shop for official news and announcements of all things Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together? Do I perhaps just need to be more attentive to Klei's Twitter? I've subscribed to the Don't Starve newsletter, but I've never received anything from it, so I assume it's not the best way to stay up to date on Don't Starve news.

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If you want both games at once, probably Reddit. Mods and users scour all the various sites (forums, Twitter, Steam, etc) and post at r/dontstarve. There's r/dontstarvetogether for just DST, but most people just use the main sub. 



Otherwise, check the forums here - DS and DST are separate games. So you have to do some extra clicks.

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