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The first thing I thought about when I first entered the ruins was that it would be cool if there is an endless dungeon. I haven’t found endless ruins yet, and I still think it would be cool.
What I mean:
Regular hamlet ruins, but with only one exit - to the next randomly generated "floor" of ruins. So you only have one way to get out of the ruins - death.
Why do we need it?
For the loot of course! And an extra challenge. Such ruins will make the resources gained from vases renewable. Especially gems.
It will also give extra meaning to the hoarding gathering of resources and thorough preparation. You will have a place to spend them.
Two questions remains to solve. How to continue game after death and how to get your loot back when you died inside?
First one is alredy have a solution - Meaty Effingy and Touch Stone. Second one requires some solution. For example rare setpiece with something (like well or chest), that allows you to drop loot you want to bring on the surface.

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