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FanFiction: "Re-testing" Codename: Scrunbo

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After the successful rescue of Scrunbo, he is retested again if he is just as "durable" as before. The results speak for themselves.

Once the "re-testing" is finished, he will be sent to his new home, the Eulavi Asteroid, where he'll begin a new life. This is sort of a filler episode before the story of Scrunbo continues.


Here is Scrunbo. He is easily identifiable from all the other Maxs because he always wears a special orange sweater with a hidden identification code inside. Other orange sweaters don't have the code and aren't as durable.



Test number 1: Cold Resistance. Scrunbo's clothes are changed to a Cool Vest to lessen insulation. He is dipped in Super Coolant cooled to -262C. Body temperature is at -260.1C but he is still functioning quite well, though at a reduced rate. As long as his body temperature is kept that low, he sheds tears of ice and releases waste in the form of polluted ice at room temperature.



Test number 2: Heat resistance. He is transported to an area where there is Tungsten Gas superheated to 6500C with a pressure of 3,000kgs per cell. His body temperature is at 6300.1C. Again, still functioning though at a reduced rate. The extreme heat causes his tears and waste material to vaporize into steam at room temperature.



After Tests 1 and 2 are finished, the results are quite surprising. This duplicant survived extreme temperature swings and it is quite a feat. But having Sunburn, Heat Stroke and Hypothermia at the same time... That's something else.457140_20181108190626_1.thumb.png.8d7a58d7465e3c2051fb4d5cad102ac5.png


Test 3: Pressure Test. Scrunbo will be placed in an enclosed space with extremely high pressures. First, he will be teleported to a Petroleum Tank with 2,000,000,000kgs of pressure per tile. Afterwards, he is sent to an enclosed space with Oxygen at 2,000,000,000kgs of pressure per tile. He isn't crushed even the slightest.




Test 4: Impact and Durability Test. Two explosive shells will be fired at Scrunbo. The first one is small. The second one is a giant explosive shell designed to push asteroids slightly out of orbit, usually to prevent potentially catastrophic collisions. He has sustained some rather severe injuries, but simply lying down on bed speeds up the recovery process.






After passing all tests, he is given some time to rest... on a fire pole, where his sleep will be monitored. Seems like he is dreaming of food.



Now he's awake, fully rested and recovered, as if nothing happened. He is ready to move to his new home.



These are the kind of "tests" I go through. I've seen so many of my friends die to them and I lost count. How I survived while everyone else died... I'll never know. But... I'm glad they'll use me to usher in a new generation of duplicants that are as tough as I am. Hopefully tougher. Better. Smarter. I don't want to go through all that again and again... For now though, I'm just glad I'm not seeing so many of my friends die. I won't feel so lonely anymore...


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