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Easier way Interpret information for Temperature

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Currently DTU's are totally un-understandable. Previously Watts was there, but we don't know to what extent it actually heats up something.

What I'm suggesting is to display how long it takes to raise up the building by 1 Celsius. If the building is made of 800KG of copper, it should take into account of its heat capacity etc (if needed) and tell when we build the building that its going to increase by 1C every, say, 1/2 cycle or 300 seconds of continuous operation (think seconds would be better).

This will help people out quite a lot. Heat reduction buildings can inform that the temperature is dropped by 1C every, say, 5 seconds based on the current air pressure(or water) in that tile. While this will be a continuous calculation, let it be calculated when the user clicks the building.

I think this will greatly simplify things in the game and will provide new players a very easy way to understand how things get heated up over time and what to expect when placing a heat producing building in a location.

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2 hours ago, Tekky said:

I think it was best before DTUs were introduced, where you could simply apply real-life thermodynamical formulas for calculating things.

Yeah. For that people should know about those equations. I'd say 95% of the people who play ONI doesn't know/care for those equations.

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Then run it in simulation and measure it in action.  That's what the game does.  It really can't tell you how fast something is *going* to heat, only how much heat it's making.  How that heat translates into temperature depends on too many factors to reasonably predict, so it doesn't and shouldn't try.

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