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Ruins are Too Easy

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As it stands currently, I find the ruins in Hamlet to be WAY to easy. Their small size does contribute to this a bit, but what makes these ruins easier than the ones in RoG is the fact that they are directly accessible from the surface. I think the ruins should be accessed like this: The cave clefts would be made to be a similar size to the existing ruins (multiple rooms). There would be Light Flowers, mushrooms, Depths Worms, and other cave things there. One of the rooms would have the hole in the middle like the current cave clefts (I totally forget what that hole is called). The player would be able to craft a new item called the Climbing Rope, which would require 3 ropes and one Gord's Knot. This item would allow you to enter the hole, and at the bottom of the hole would be the EXPANDED ruins. When I say expanded I mean more (and more interesting) rooms to explore. This would make the ruins more difficult, in my personal opinion.

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