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A Day in the World of Don't Starve

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One day in the Don't Starve World takes exactly 8 minutes.

This is split into three sections: Day, Sunset, and Night.

Day lasts 4 minutes 30 seconds.

Sunset lasts 1 minute.

And night lasts 2 minutes 30 seconds.

All leading up to one day taking 14 and a half minutes.

Just though some people might want to know! This is without pausing at all.

EDIT: Game was lagging, so the original time was wrong, started a new game and measured it.

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  • Developer

Hmmmm. Let's get to the bottom of this.

What do you mean by lag? Does wilson move in slow motion? Or is it more of a stuttering?

Could you press backspace in game and check what your update and render times typically are?

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50?!?!?! That's a terrible update time! :)

Can you get your world into that state, and then send your "latest" savegame ( found at filesystem:http://dontstarve-release.appspot.com/persistent/) to dontstarve.debug@kleientertainment.com ?

Also, what kind of computer are you running this on?

I will try, not playing atm, but will do when I do.

I am running on a Lenovo Y560 laptop. I game pretty much everything on high/max.

4gb ram and 3.6ghz quadcore.

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Having the same slow motion issue... Your wizard-y link thing's meaning is lost on me. Running on a laptop as well. Here are the exact specs: Windows 7 home premium 64bit, 2gb DDR3 Ram, Intel graphics card, not sure what it's called exactly but DXDIAG says 821 total memory approximately. I love indie games and will be ready to help if and when you need me! Slow mo won't stop me, there are rocks to jump-attack!

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