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Improve FPS.

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Before stating methods to improve your game on low end PC or in general decent PC
you should also be aware that Don't Starve Hamlet ( DLC ) is still in early access and lacks full optimization so these tips may no affect game play Much
1- Turning off ( Bloom - Distortion - Screen Shake - WigFrid's Umlauts [ doesn't effect really ] - Vibrations )
2- Switching to Windowed mode ( i know it sucks but u gotta do what u gotta do for that sweet FPS )
3- lowering your computer/monitor resolution
4- Going to task manager -  [ Details on windows 10 -or- Processes on windows 7 ] - right clicking DS and setting priority to High [ DO NOT SET TO RealTime ]
5- Turning on Small Textures and NetBook Mode : many people including me doesn't know what these options do but it does indeed help FPS when Turned on.
6- [ LAPTOP ] searching power options in start menu or control panel and showing advanced setting you can find [ high performance ] check it.
7-Lowering your visual effects : right click on this PC or my computer and going to proprieties advanced system settings and Performance settings and checking adjust for best performance.
8- Turning off any background working application or browser anything in that matter
9- ( kind of stupid ) ending your explorer.exe process [ i won't say how cause i don't wanna get people confused or mess with their PC )
10- Upgrading your Hardware, if nothing helps you then u are playing on a potato, invest some money and buy parts that can improve your PC or buy a new PC overall, and stop Searching how to Download RAM. ;):p 
I hope something might have helped you, :) 
[ remember the game is still in early access and still have bugs that can cause performance issues. ]
but i can understand that u can't wait to play the game.


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