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Found 12 results

  1. I'm not active here, so apologies if this is known or repeated. I just wanted to post a couple helpful tips/workarounds I observed for the current game build. Wire Bridges overloading: I was having the problem of Wire Bridges overloading when they crossed Heavi-Watt Wires. I searched to see if this was a bug and found a number of other mentions (ex1, ex2, ex3). A solution I saw mentioned which currently works (build AU-221865) is to put the Wire Bridge on the Heavi-Watt circuit, rather than the regular Electrical Wire circuit when they cross. It seems like the Wire Bridges take their max power rating from their attached wires, so this works and the bridges don't overload. Heavi-Watt Wires through walls/tiles: Since Wire Bridges can currently be placed over tiles, I realized this might be a way to pass Heavi-Watt lines through floors & walls, and it works! Of course you can only run through a 1-tile thick floor/wall, but this makes power layouts much cleaner. A couple other notes on Wire Bridges & wiring I encountered: You can place a Wire Bridge so one (or both) of its power connections falls on top of another object's power connection, but you still must place/build a wire on that single square to make the connection. And a small annoyance which I assume is a bug - if you're placing Heavi-Watt over existing regular wire to upgrade it, the build priority you set doesn't apply, and it defaults to priority 5. After placing the build commands, you'll have to go back with the Priority tool if you want to change it. And a request/suggestion to devs: I hope you either leave this ability to have Heavi-Watt lines cross tiles using Wire Bridges, or alternatively/additionally create a new tile type that allows Heavi-Watt to be built through it (perhaps make it resource expensive and/or low decor). It's very inconvenient and also seems unrealistic to not have any kind of tile/barrier that Heavi-Watt wire can run through.
  2. Alright, I've got a pretty big bug that I've been notified about for two of my mods, namely Weston the Wandering Cactus and Whimsy the Cheerful Sunflower. This bug basically makes it so that when a homeless bee or butterfly pollinates 6 flowers and despawns into another flower, SOMETIMES the game allows a Weston or Whimsy to spawn instead, most likely because they have the "flower" tag on them. I've been searching through the code, and I think I found the problem. It's the "pollinator" component. Specifically, the bit about spawning flowers: function Pollinator:CreateFlower() if self:HasCollectedEnough() then local parentFlower = GetRandomItem( local flower = SpawnPrefab(parentFlower.prefab) flower.planted = true flower.Transform:SetPosition(self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) = {} end end The problem is that I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. I was told I need to put the fix in each character's modmain.lua, but again, I don't even know where to start. Whimsy has her own tag that I've been using ("whimsy"), and I've used that to include or exclude her from several different codes before, and I think It could be applied here. I will fix Weston and give him his own tag when I figure out how to fix this. Any and all help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. CAPY_DLC Fix

    Version 1.0


    This simple mod adds a variable needed to run other mods. Only use this if mods crash your game with an error about global "CAPY_DLC" being nil/not declared.
  4. Wilson plz

    Ep 1 n Ep 2 un Ep 3 is oat so iz Ep 4 un Ep 5Ep 1 http-~~-// This is Symage's art, I made the vid. Here's the thread:
  5. I'm on day 80 in a world with only three reed plants. THREE. In one small swamp area. I thought that had to be wrong, but I've navigated the entire map and that's it. It certainly makes darts/pan flutes/etc. quite the commodity. Even better: the swamp monster doesn't generate there. (There is ONE location - an even smaller, very remote swamp with no reeds or ponds - that has a couple tentacles. Makes it difficult to get tentacle spots/tentacle spikes.)Oh, and did I mention that the largest portion of the center of my map is just fields and fields of killer bees? (Those at least I can catch and put to good use.) I'm debating putting together the wooden thing and crossing over, but I have such a nice base set up...What's the worst or least convenient map you've ever generated?
  6. Hello all,Let me first just say that I am in love with Don't Starve best game I have played in a long time. With that being said, i have two problems that are sort of annoyances that detract from the game's overall professional appearance. First, when i am in the load up menu, the spider that walks across the screen sometimes will make noise. However, in any other screen on the load up page, say "choosing your character", the spider sound loop will still play. It annoys me and i just think it makes the game seem unfinished.Secondly, in game after every night the beautiful sound track plays a music loop to signify that night has ended. However, most times this will be shadowed by regular ambiance that plays during the day, and it sounds like a jumbled mess. I again feel the quality of your work is being undermined by this little detail, and some others as well. If any of your team has taken the time to read this, then thank-you. I just wanted to voice my opinion on this.
  7. Here is my suggestion on the easy "steam-roll" to success farming problem fix! Here are some possibilities to consider: 1:Crop spoilage 2:Terrain/Biome Factor 3:Trample factor (and possibly fences for that) 4:Cageable beefalo that if put corresponding to a farm(s) will fertalize with no need to interact(after building and placing of course) 5:Hostiles/Enemy's could eat crops(Depending on what they are) 6:Wither with out pretty much irrigation 7:Constant need to be tended to because in real life lots of plants will not grow straight up 7:"birth" defects. Ever gotten a weird/ugly looking fruit/veggie? Exactly 8:Pigs will vacate if many of them go missing I know I won't have much impact but any reader/comment I very much appreciate! Thamks.
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 12/19 Issue title Trap not working Steps to reproduce Place trap near rabbit hole Scare rabbit towards hole Trap catches him and starts shaking Receive trap, no meat, but durability reduced Describe your issue When I use traps it acts as if it caught something but I get no meat.
  9. Bug in shank2-bin, easy fix

    In the Linux version of Shank 2, it can be only run if the current working directory is /path/to/Shank 2/bin. This is super easy to fix by adding cd "$(dirname "$0")" after the shebang.
  10. I did not find a fix for this through search so if it has been previously posted please ignore. If Don't Starve exits/crashes on WinXP after choosing 'Fullscreen' and 'Apply'; this is how to fix it. Edit the settings.ini file in the folder where in game is installed. Under the [graphics] part it should look like this. Add the missing lines and change fullscreen to true. Do not change the windowed_xxxxx = and window_x/y lines. (Unless you want to) [graphics] windowed_width = 1024 windowed_height = 576 window_x = 0 window_y = 50 fullscreen = true display_id = 0 refresh_rate = 59 fullscreen_width = 1680 fullscreen_height = 1050 Set the fullscreen_width and height to your liking and the refresh_rate to your desired refresh - 1 (in the example 59 gives you a refresh of 60) The games seems to be exiting when it fails to write to this file.
  11. just fyi first post ...anyway, been playing for a couple days now and it just occurred to me that i have never died due to starvation.. mostly die from what i think of being routine such as clearing out a spiders nest.. done it tons of times, but since i think it is so easy.. seems that is when i die the most.. anyway just saying hi, great game so far devs... looking forward to surviving longer than 6 days
  12. So I have been playing Don't starve since the 17 november update, and today I updated to the 30 november update but when the sun goes down, my frames drop, but only when the sun goes down, when its day or night time my frames go back to normal. How do I fix this? Do you have the same problem? And I read that on the nice and naughty update they are going to extend the max frames from 30 to 60, is that true?