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Help... remap sounds

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Hi, I want to know the sound address of a few sound files, where can I see them? I need the address in order to remap it, I'm looking for the sound of the resurrection in forge, I saw it in the fsb file but with fsbextractor I can't see their addresses, I found most of the sounds I needed digging in the prefab files and stategraph files but I have no idea where to find them all, thanks in advance

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Hi again, nobody answered but I find a way and just wanted to share it in case someone else need it
I was using fsb extractor to get the sounds from the fsb files but fsb extractor doesn't show me the path, only the files, to get the path search in the fmod directory, you can find the fmod_eventplayer, open the fev file with it so you can look for the path and remap it 
well, that's all and it worked for me, I hope someone finds this useful 

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