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该装置灵感来源于:帕斯卡定律p =ρgh





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Do you think the game's existing liquid drainage method is too clumsy? A new technique will be introduced here to ensure that the drainage of the liquid is easy, eliminating the need for a complicated method of making wires, pumps, and the like. Of course, this also has drawbacks, that is, it can only flow to the lower part.

This is a drainage method that relies on air pressure, without the need to create new facilities, and only requires air pressure to allow water to drain at different heights.

The device was inspired by: Pascal's law p = ρgh

Supporting facilities: recommended level 1 pump technology

Liquid drain: It can be used to draw liquid to connect the water pipe. This is a 1×3 device that is placed flat on the bottom of the liquid.

Drain valve: This valve needs to be placed at the lower end than the position where it needs to be drained to suck the gas in the water pipe. After the manual operation, the liquid automatically cancels the operation when the liquid flows from top to bottom to the position, and the liquid starts to flow. The flow of water in the tube can be turned off.

Fully automatic drain valve: This valve acts like a drain valve, but this is a power drain valve that can be connected to a fully automatic system.



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It's impossible, the liquid in pipeline always transport from entrance to exit without considering height, and there is no gas in liquid pipe. So I don't think it is going to work. Besides, you added a building with corresponding manpower just in order to save some materials of wire, is it worth it?


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