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How do I make a character who accidently breaks their item (among other things)?

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So it's my first time modding this game, and while I am looking through the code myself, I figured I should get the community's advice for this.

I'm trying to make a character with a perk that causes their items to lose durability when unequipped. How exactly do I go about doing that?

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This event is pushed every time someone unequips something:

self.inst:PushEvent("unequipped", { owner = owner })

Normally I'd say you could listen for this event, and do the change when it happens, but for some weird reason, it only sends the owner and not the weapon instance, and since this event is called after the item has become unequipped, you have no way of finding the item.

I hope someone else has a better way, but I think the only way for you to do it, is to change the onequip functions for all equippable items. Something like this:

local AddCharacterClutsinessFn = function(inst, owner)
	if not owner or not owner:HasTag("MyCharactersTag") then
	if inst.components.finiteuses then
		inst.components.finiteuses:Use(1) -- remove 1 use
	elseif inst.components.armor then
		inst.components.armor:SetPercent(inst.components.armor:GetPercent() - 0.1) -- remove 10% durability

AddComponentPostInit("equippable", function(self)
	if self.onunequipfn == nil then
		self.onunequipfn = AddCharacterClutsinessFn
		local oldunequip = self.onunequipfn
		self.onunequipfn = function(inst, owner)
			oldunequip(inst, owner)
			AddCharacterClutsinessFn(inst, owner)

Note that I rely on you to add a unique tag to your character. Here I've just used "MyCharactersTag", but you can use whatever unique tag you want, or you can check the name of owner.prefab instead.

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