Rhinocebro Info: When one resurrects the other it has 2550-ish health points left. Do with that info what you will.


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So uh, this happened in one of my earlier runs... It's a clip of a print screen so its not the best quality.

Boarrior knocked me out of the arena while I was Runner Woodie (I've reported the bug), and so uh, I ended up soloing the Rhinocebros for science after the rest of my group died. I killed one and the other resurrected it, then it took 85 hits from Lucy's throw to kill it. (85 x 30 damage = 2550). So then I hit the resurrected one 84 times, killed the other, and one shot the 2nd.

So do with that info what you will. In theory if you are well organized and have a tank that can keep track of their damage, they can let you know when to kill the one the group is on, then their own (because they should be able to get it low).

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As far as i have noticed when they die they still return with their beatup version , and if my guess is correct they should as well have 2550hp when you are initialy changing their state from healthy to beat up , so yeah this helps. Also by my opinion and observation you need to take 75-80% from their health before they change into the beatup state.

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