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How to empty your steam rocket in one easy step!

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all yours for just the cost of one simple canister emptier!  call now and get not one but two!


I discovered to my dismay that my dupes were finding steam somewhere and emptying it.  i'd placed an emptier set to steam to catch incidental steam picked up in various ways.  I suddenly noticed a large amount of it being dumped out. I had also noticed my steam rocket seemed to be slowly leaking steam and well, since its my first one, i thought it was normal.. now i know differently :)

I never witnessed my dupes accessing the rocket but once i cleared the settings on the emptier the problem went away..

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My steam engine kept dropping steam when i clicked on it after loading the game. Same happened for my petroleum tanks and the oxylite tank (the latter kept dropping oxylite on every click). Only the solid booster kept it`s contents but it was bugged and didn`t use the fuel even after i send it to space.

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