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DST Skins in DS

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Oh, the same person made the pet mod too?  I did not know that!  Ah yes, the mod that gave us the wonder that is Jesus Cat.  XD  I've been using the skins mod a bit lately in Hamlet myself, ever since I saw that screenshot of Spoopy Willow posing inside her brand-new house.  Heh.

(So basically this means I can look good when I DIE, but whatever...)


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So, I've checked the skin mods on steam byt none seem to let me mix and match skins.

So, the question is, is it technically possible to link DS game on steam with the equipment from other game (DST)? Is DS as easly skin-able as DST (wich was re-written for the purpose of multi afaik)?

If it's doable, then the perk of it would be requiering DS player to spend some time in DST if they are interested in skins. Perhaps making someone purchase skin DLC's that appeared during special events, even if that person prefers DS.

I don't know that this chance makes the work required for implementation worthwhile, and also, if porting exclusive content from DST to DS will backfire or not.

Nonetheless, I'd like to have my skins from the inventory usable in DS, namely, mossrose drapery, wich IMHO makes every character ten times cooler.

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