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Why does it have Forge cosmetics in it?

Shouldn't it focus on the new one (Reforge) and have separate box for the forge old cosmetics? 

Now you have to worry about getting duplicate from the old cosmetics, AND stamps/icon.

And before you said, spool it, that's not the point. You can't unlock the new theme as much as before because you will keep getting the old version . And the fact that they remove the achievement reward and replace it with dailies, just make leveling feel extremely slow. It's hard enough to grind 30 minutes for one box, and now getting something that you want from the new event feel impossible because of these items i mention above. Seriously, what the hell is this new practice? It feel so scummy.

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Both The Forge from 2017 and 2018 use the same skin “collection” which is why you’ll find last year’s skins inside the chests along with the new ones from this year. For those who played The Forge last year this might feel like a bit of a raw deal but players new to the event will love not missing out on items from the previous season. There were different ways Klei could have gone with the forge skin collection but as someone who played last year and had most of the items, I’m ok with the direction taken here and suspect it’ll be how they do all seasonal events going forward.

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