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Fast petroleum refinery, fully automated, for late game, easy to reproduce, save file + video.

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It's for late game, when you already have thermium with is have +900 degree on overheating bonus.

This setup is easy to reproduce, it's fully automated, and it's making petroleum like crazy 20 kg/s - no problem, it can do more, but it's only needed if you have more than 2 oil reservoirs on your map, but does you need more than 20 kg/s?

So it's making petroleum like four oil refinery, but without crude oil loss, and it's making cold petroleum with on output have very nice temperature around 20-50C.

And of course if we will calculate how much power it will cost you - so it will consume much much less energy and materials than 4 oil refinery.

Simple calculations:

4 oil refinery setup - consume 1920 W of energy, plus 4 dublicants should operate them with is mean 600W X 4 energy loss because they can rotate manual generator so it's 2400 W of energy, plus your dublicants need to eat need to breath with is cost at least 100 W energy as a minimum, plus you loosing 1/2 of crude oil with is mean this can be used in petroleum generators and its 20 kg/s loss can provide power for 8 petroleum generators with can make 24000W of energy and this is big dot of this calculations.

4 aquatuners 2 pumps and 2 liquid shutoff - 5300W of energy, and it can power up 8 petroleum generator with is give you 24000 W of energy if it's needed.



OMG! I just realized that I can place those 400C petroleum tubes into steam turbine area and it will be free energy for this system! Ok I'll update this setup and it will became more usefull! And petroleum on output area will have even less than 20C degree!


This is it guys: -36C petrolem from 95C crude oil w/o loss save file is here: petrol concept.sav

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