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Conveyor receptacle needs automation / storage capacity options

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Having finally got round to deciding to bother building autosweepers and conveyor rails in one of my games, my goal was simple deliver mushrooms from a food storage room to a receptacle in the kitchen have an auto sweeper feed the grill, have it pick up the fried mushrooms and conveyor it back into the storage room simple right? but ohhh no.

Just like automation Klei have half arsed shipping, they saw factorio and thought lets jump on this, why doesn't everything they add at this point since automation actually have an automation signal (newest example being gas / water tanks), why do new storage containers i.e conveyor receptacles not have a storage limit slider.

If you add containers - give them max / min storage sliders (why min - so we can get some more use out of automation, if in x range do something)

If you add anything.... give it an automation signal

Like the title implies if they bothered to add in max storage and an automation signal to the receptacle, id be able to build a simple useful thing out of conveyors and sweepers, without mushrooms sitting in 100kg receptacles rotting.

Yes I "could" get round it by having the receptacle in co2 - but it wouldnt help any food stuck on the rail, and why bother making a co2 food storage room in the first place then, heck i could just put a door from the kitchen into the storage room and not bother with shipping once again. These late game things should add value and save dup time and just be cool and be an actual reward, but right now shipping just isn't.

tldr -

add an automation signal to conveyor receptacle

add a max storage slider to conveyor receptacle

add a max storage slider to conveyor loader

add a min storage slider to every container for more automation goodness

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The fridge is hooked up, two fridges infact. one for cooked, one for uncooked.

That doesn't stop the autosweeper from chucking out 100kg of mushrooms to my kitchen when i only want to cook one at a time now though does it. :/

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The receptacle is just an end of the rail. A solid vent pretty much. Just not dropping stuff on the ground. Whatever goes through the rail will end in the receptacle. There`s no sense i setting it to accept certain stuff or automate it. Well maybe setting a max capacity could work. Not sure why you want max capacity for the looader since it sends it through the rail anyway.

What we actually need is sensors on the rails same funcionallity as the sensors on pipes and a conveyor filter.

Now to your problem it`s a pretty simple fix. Make 2 fridges for mushroom. Set one to high priority and automate it so when it`s full it disables the auto sweeper loading the mushroom to the loader. the other fridge will store whatever is left in the conveyor rails. The sweeper will automatically refill the higher priority fridge with the stuff from the lower priority one. Use a filter so it doesn`t randomly turn on and off while doing that. This should fix your problem, just the automation might end long if the conveyor rails are long.

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