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I think it would be a GREAT addition if there was a passive water mob, such as a Sea Turtle and you could ride on the Sea Turtle's back for quick navigation across water to other land. If you feed it x amount of fish (obtained with the fishing rod), then it will allow you to ride it across the freezing ocean.

A few animals I had in mind for the mountable water pet:

1. The Lochness Monster


2. The Sea Turtle


3. The Pink Dolphin


Comment your thoughts, please.

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These creatures are too basic for Don't Starve!

What do you mean by this? Please explain.

But I seriously love the idea.

It would be cool, right? :D

- - - Updated - - -

I must see nessie and pink dolly!

It would be so much fun! It's undeniable. (:
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Well, think about it. Every creature in don't starve has an oddity to it. Having something as basic as a sea turtle wouldn't really fit. Even Nessy and the Pink Dolphin aren't weird enough in my opinion. Make something straight up freaky, with this would be scrumpadooshus.

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