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Laggycat's Don't Starve art thread maybe?

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Just now, minespatch said:

I hope you continue posting, this is pretty cute.:wilson_smile:

Chester is pretty good for keeping a distance. A burnt Chester would be bad for his fur.:wilson_ecstatic:

Thanks! I've been trying my hand at pencil drawing sprites, but I'm not sure I want to share any yet. I've been trying to draw this one thing for ages: a Christmas shadow manipulator- a "Snowflake Manipulator". :wilson_laugh:

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The Count is actually the name of an hypothetical event I came up with. I haven't decided on all the details yet. but basically, you have to repair a clock that controls all the time in the Gate Realm before it strikes midnight, or else all the Survivors and NPCs are swallowed up by time anomalies. The animation for it is that they sorta pixelize, and then the individual glitchy-looking pixels blow away in the wind. The NPCs are beatnik cat and dog hunchbeasts. I'm not sure how it would work gameplay-wise, but you might have to find or barter for pieces to craft replacement parts for the clock.

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Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Here's some concept stuff!


Enemy idea

Creature idea: the Rhino Beetle.

Uses similar AI to the Clockwork Rook, except for a dirty trick: occasionally instead of ramming you, it will come to a sudden stop, grab you, and then suplex you. This deals even more damage than a normal hit.


   -5 Meat
   -0-2 Beetle Pincers
   -0-1 Beetle Horns

Craftable items

Item idea 1

The Grab-E-Claw 400.
"For grabbing things out-of-reach."

Craftable under Tools tab using an Alchemy Engine
Recipe: 2 Beetle Pincers, 8 Twigs, 2 Electric

   -Allows you to pick up items from a much longer range.
   -Allows you to pick up small animals like birds and rabbits directly into your inventory without traps.


item idea 2

The Warhorn of Plenty
"Announce a feast."

Craftable under the Magic tab using a Shadow Manipulator.
Recipe: 1 Beetle Horn, 3 Gold Nuggets, 6 Nightmare Fuel, 1 Cooked Drumstick

Perks: Playing it causes it to explode into 4 random Crock Pot foods. However, it takes away 15 sanity and consumes the item.

Everything in there would probably need balancing.

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