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  1. This is actually a really good idea! It would be really cool to have an item that uses the power of all colored gems combined.
  2. Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Here's some concept stuff! Everything in there would probably need balancing.
  3. The Count is actually the name of an hypothetical event I came up with. I haven't decided on all the details yet. but basically, you have to repair a clock that controls all the time in the Gate Realm before it strikes midnight, or else all the Survivors and NPCs are swallowed up by time anomalies. The animation for it is that they sorta pixelize, and then the individual glitchy-looking pixels blow away in the wind. The NPCs are beatnik cat and dog hunchbeasts. I'm not sure how it would work gameplay-wise, but you might have to find or barter for pieces to craft replacement parts for the clock.
  4. I made another skin for myself. Triumphant Laggycat incoming! (it's probably a little stretched) Also, here's another thing! I'll leave you guys with that.
  5. eh, don't know. it's pretty much just my online persona in a don't starve style. i was working on a character mod, but i'm not very good at pretty much anything involved.
  6. Here's a reforge version of me. The picture is kinda squished, but if you click on it I think you can see it in full.
  7. No Snowflake Manip. yet, but here's some shadow creatures! The one on the left is called the Masked Reaper; the one on the right is the Maw of Fear. The flying one at the top is currently unnamed, because I couldn't come up with a name that didn't sound silly.
  8. They're sharing a journal. Less use of resources if you only make one.
  9. Day 3 There's snakes on this island. Science says that several of them are likely venomous. True, but their skins will make some very dapper clothing. Why're you like this, Maxwell? ...At least I built a new science machine. Day 5 Wilson made a rowboat. Took him long enough. You know both of us use this journal, right? Be quiet. I'm killing all the snakes on this island for a fashionable new jacket. Day 6 DOGS. Or are they crocodiles? Crocodogs, to be exact. They don't remember me anymore... I should dissect one of these someday. For science.
  10. Decided to try my hand at making one of these in-character field note things. Day 1 So Maxwell, the rest of the survivors, and I decided to try and escape the wilderness by boat. Clearly, it hasn't gone so great. Pal, I think that's a real understatement. We're stuck on a much smaller island much more in the middle of nowhere. We can't just walk and find more resources than we already have. I know. Day 2 I built a fire. Charlie won't come for us yet. Wilson stood around uselessly complaining about the loss of his research equipment. Excuse me, but how is a gentleman scientist supposed to do any science without the proper tools? Anyways, shouldn't you have one of your shadow puppets by now? I need the fuel to make those. It must have washed away when we crashed. Great.
  11. Thanks! I've been trying my hand at pencil drawing sprites, but I'm not sure I want to share any yet. I've been trying to draw this one thing for ages: a Christmas shadow manipulator- a "Snowflake Manipulator".
  12. I'm not sure how active I'm gonna be in here, but here's some art I guess. Pencil art of Chester curiously examining Ro Bin (Storage mob from hamlet)