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Tree Houses - we're so close to this being a thing.

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OK ok... hear me out.

First you would have to craft an item, probably in the housing deco tab (so that you have to purchase the Slanty Shanty before you can make a tree house.)

What if you could make a rope ladder with like 10 boards + 2 ropes and then use it on one of the Great Leafy Stalks?

This would hang a ladder onto it's side and you could have a "Climb" option when you hover over it. If you used the rope ladder then you would end up inside a wooden house (similar look to the basic slanty shanty) that could have some tree house deco options (I would hope much less than the original shanty, as I don't think it needs to work exactly like a house). There doesn't need to be a visual for the house anywhere, you could just get in and get out of the room using the rope ladder / the door if your inside.


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Personally, I'm fond of this idea. As someone who generally tends to conform to a more passive survival strategy, I find myself spending a disproportionate amount of time roaming within the cozy confines of civilization as opposed to actively exploring the outside environment. Implementing tree houses or an established external base of sorts, that can be 'unlocked', could serve as further incentive for more passive players to explore the unknown, take risks, and step outside of their initial 'comfort zones'.

From a practical standpoint, there's a lot of creative potential here. Some things that initially come to mind are special craftable items that can be exclusively utilized in tree houses. Perhaps telescopes for tracking the phases of the moon or binoculars for scoping out migratory bat patterns, so that attacks can be anticipated a certain period of time in advance.

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