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  1. I've encountered another Lua Error, which resulted in the crash of my client and subsequent loss of progress. This error occurred upon attempting to purchase a helping of fish from the deli clerk, whom was active, during the night hours. I've included a screenshot of the error, so that the root source may be identified. Upon reloading the game, in addition to experiencing loss of progress, I also experienced an error where all refrigerated goods in the Deli have vanished. When hovering over the slots where the fish and other frozen goods were originally stored, the text "Pick up MISSING NAME" appeared. *EDIT: Interacting with "MISSING NAME" items also result in a Lua error and client crash. I should note that I have never installed or otherwise implemented any mods. Also, I've included images of the error screen and of the missing items, upon reload, with this report and have condensed these images into collapsible tabs. Please look into this. Thank you! Lua Error Missing Stock
  2. I second this. The shelves are particularly glitchy and their overall mechanics need to be reworked. Interacting with the default shelf crashed my game, resulting in loss of progress. I can confirm that the hook shelf is, indeed, invisible and is unable to be removed from the wall once placed.
  3. Ah, so I see. I've just encountered a use in-game and experienced a decrease in durability. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!
  4. The magnifying glass seemingly possesses durability, as indicated by the 100% that is present in the bottom half of the object's icon. After igniting an item with the magnifying glass, I did not notice a decrease in said durability. To test this further, I ignited 10 flammable items. There was no decrease in durability following each attempt. I repeated the experiment in a different world under a different save file and obtained the same results.
  5. Following an attempt to remove an item - specifically, Monster Meat - from the default shelf placed alongside the rear wall of the Slanty Shanty, my client crashed. I received an error message and was prompted to exit the game and reload an old save file. The error was not recurrent upon reloading the game, but resulted in loss of progress. To further identify the error, a screenshot of that error message has been condensed into the tab, below. Please look into this. Thank you!
  6. Brambles spontaneously spawned in my game after tinkering with my customization settings. I was experimenting with the weather mechanics and I wanted to observe the various seasonal effects that had been implemented alongside the Hamlet expansion. They appeared in mass after I altered the default season from 'Temperate' to 'Humid'. They behave similarly to lure plants in that they are an invasive plant species. Like the lure plants, they also appear to be a seasonal spawn. I've included a screenshot that I captured earlier today, within the 'Spoiler' tag, below.