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Grue's art dump.


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Here you go. Two pictures to start with.

Okay on the second picture I messed up Wilson's leg. On the first picture I tried so hard to try and make the hair right. Clearly I forgot the white lines but onemotion is all like ''lolnope i cant open it up lol network error im stoopid''

A picture of my fan character, which I call her Lucy, but actually is called Wilma, is going to be drawed soon.

What do you think so far? post-7810-137645912038_thumb.png


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Thanks for your replies, but god, Wilma is difficult to draw. Her dress is the most harshest. Clearly I think she should wear a skirt like Wendy does, but maybe not.

So I won't draw her in a while. Would probably stuff in this thread with more Wilson pictures.

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''I here for Raven's party.''


Maxwell thinks I look like this, so I draw myself like that for now on. I like my funky long ears.

Don't you dare forget my party hat, Raven. It's super special. If you'll do you'll get free butter.

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