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Slight price adjustments for The Sterling Trough Deli

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The current pricing is alright for the most part, but it has some weird pricing disparities. For example, 2 honey nuggets (5 oincs per) = 1 Dragonpie (40 oincs), but you can buy those for 30 less oincs. Waffles (10 oincs) heals 20 more HP than Dragonpie for half the hunger, yet that is also 30 less oincs. There's almost never a reason to buy Dragonpie under this system. This applies to some other items, like Turkey Dinner and Honey Ham.

My method of pricing adjusts for the health disparities by using a generic formula as a baseline and then adjusting those prices by comparing the differences in health, hunger, and prices between other crockpot items. I only used sanity as a consideration for price when the sanity given was more than 5 points, since that's what most of the recipes give.

I've attached a screenshot and an excel file for visual presentation and so that you can see what I did.

The formula itself:

Health modifier = 0.4 oinc * per unit of health

Hunger modifier = 0.2 oinc * per unit of hunger

Baseline price = (0.4 * unit of health) + (0.2 * unit of hunger)

Then I adjusted the price based on comparisons b/w health, hunger, and the price of other goods.

Let me know what your thought on this are and if I made a mistake somewhere. I also only took into consideration pricing of goods, not the income of the player.

Edit: I wanted to add that I think this would be useful to address further price disparities if more crockpot items are added to the Deli.

Hamlet food prices.xlsx

Pricing Screen shot.PNG

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Agreed. I walked in the store and saw pierogies at 10 coins and the dragonpie at 40 coins and i had to laugh. pierogies heal the same amount as a dragonpie while also lasting 5 more days until spoilage. Also, I saw meatballs are the same cost as piergies which is absurd as well. I agree with all your recommended values, though it's important to consider spoilage rates. For example, you can hold pierogies for 10 days until it goes stale, but waffles only last 3 until they go stale, which lessens waffle's real value a bit.

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10 minutes ago, Bird Up said:

I agree with all your recommended values, though it's important to consider spoilage rates.

Ah, totally forgot about spoilage rates. I really didn't consider it, since in my mind, I was buying food to eat it at that moment. Adding another variable might skew it too much to my liking though, but thanks for pointing it out.

Edit: By skew, I was thinking adding or subtracting oinc values less than 5 units. I wanted to avoid doing that for prices after 10 oincs cause I think it wouldn't look at nice as numbers divisble by 5 after that threshold.

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