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Will the Beta receive patches? Or will they be pushed onto the final version down the line

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If you mean like what we're seeing with ONI, then no, I don't think we'll see more things patched in. This is a two week closed beta for bug hunting.

We will see patches every few days, maybe even nightly, as bugs get reported and fixes are created.

21 hours ago, Wyulliam said:

probably the early access version

That I recall, there wasn't an early access for either of the other DLCs. I wouldn't expect one here.

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At least we know there are more stuff in the files unless they have been scrapped like Roc(gigantic chicken), some kind of zebra and WILBA !! Anyway, the game feels a bit off balance like pangolin, hippopotamouse, spider monkey don't drop off much and few items are incredibly hard to come by like bone shards. Also, there are many things like fishing pole etc. which don't serve any purpose for now as per my knowledge. I also found the lakes very underwhelming.

My guess would be there is a bit more content still left. I would be very happy to pay a bit more for a bigger game than wait another 2 years for a new game.

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