Rabbit Pelts

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Bunnies are pretty useless as it stands I don't even waste resources to make a trap to catch them I just nom on berries and seeds or throw a carrot on the ground if one is near by. So how's about rabbit pelts this would drop every 3 rabbits or so and it would take 8 pelts and 6 silk to make a Rag-a-muffin coat which keeps you slightly warm for a little bit.

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Jackalopes are a lot of people's main source of food. I wouldn't call them "useless" but with Winter coming, this sounds like a cool addition.

I never understood why people used them. It takes a entire day for me to get enough morsels to last me that day and the next. I'd sooner harvest honey, berries, or kill tallbirds.I do not like random drops, but i love the idea of collecting rabbit pelts.
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