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It stinks, it’s dangerous, it’s not pacifist - IT’S MORBOSS.

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Hello guys! (•ω•)


I have tried thinking about an aggressive creature like shockworms (unused).

And finally I turned to stinky morbs.

Yeah, that green slimy flexible creature with an evil eye.

Suddenly I come with an idea - What will happen when multible morbs stick together?


That will be MORBOSS (morb+boss). A huge green evil mess with dangerous properties.


It can still produce dirty gases, but it is huge - large as gas moo. As well the production rate increased. 

I have said about, it is more dangerous. Not just it gives slimelung germs, it will also try to kill plants and other critters (for food). Duplicants as well. Also I have to warn you that, it is tough. If you wanna slay it down, bring at least tree duplicants or get duplicants armed with better weapon.

Upon death, it drops 1000kg slime as reward.


What’s your idea?

Please comment! (•ω•)/

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