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I know this has been mentioned many times in the general forums, but I have not seen anyone post this idea here as a suggestion yet.  Many of us desire some more RNG elements to keep us on our toes--in this case: Disasters!

These disasters would work similarly to something like Sim City.  They are not caused by the player's doing, instead occurring randomly.  They are not preventable, but quick-thinking could help avert some destruction.

However, these disasters do not need to be thrust upon every player and can be toggled on/off when creating a new world.  This way, those who are new or want peace of mind while playing do not need to worry about disaster, and those who crave a little mayhem and unpredictability can have that added difficulty boost.

Perhaps, it could be done in the form of DLC.  Call it the "Danger Upgrade" or such.  Include the often requested fire and combustion features.  Add more combat to the gameplay in the form of hostile mobs spawning, or even space pirates?!  Have generators or other machines explode.  Maybe geysers could temporarily output materials at x2 hotter or colder than usual?  Extreme meteor storm? (Okay, maybe not that....?)  Earthquakes (from collision with other asteroids) causing structural damage to tiles and materials to move around a bit from the force?  Maybe have the magma pool at the bottom of the map in fact be a giant volcano that will rarely erupt?  Maybe the asteroid could heat up or cool down for a certain number of cycles?  Perhaps plants could become diseased or infected?  New dangerous or wacky alien viruses and diseases?  Maybe something unwanted emerges from the printing pod...?

Those are just a few ideas I can think of.  Please reply with any others that you think would be interesting.

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Also it would be good if this is an optional mode to be activated and it would be great if the threats scale "With the power/advancement/current state of the players colony/resources/tech" and/or if there is a severity setting.

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