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  1. I'm very confused as to what people are talking about in regards to cloud saves. I've been playing the game for almost a year and have always had this feature (even though the store page doesn't mention having it.) Haven't used it in a while, so I don't know if there have been issues.
  2. "Soiled suit"... The dupes are peeing their pants, walking around soaked in their own urine, and then spilling it on the floor when they take them off. That's kinda hilarious but also... eww. If your dupes are running around so long that they have an accident... you should be giving them a bathroom break already. Poor fellas.
  3. Because you still need to gain the necessary experience to learn them. Costing less morale to maintain is just a bonus.
  4. I like being able to give them whatever hat I want, so I can see what their role is at a glance when running around the colony.
  5. Skills are granted immediately. They don't need to be mastered like jobs did. Also, the skill respec station should let you reset their skills.
  6. The large "select hat" button doesn't do anything at the moment. You need to use the dropdown arrow on the right side of where their name, morale, and exp is listed to change it.
  7. Yeah, skills board seems to serve no purpose other than unlocking the skill tree. Hats are now equipped automatically.
  8. I have encountered the same bug as well. Seems to be triggered randomly as far as I can tell. Can happen in any unbreathable environment.
  9. For whatever reason, replaced ladders can't be climbed without reloading the game.
  10. I noticed this exact problem with my metal refinery. Every time the power was lost (without the refinery being used), my production queue would suddenly go blank and have to be manually reset. My best guess is the same as yours.
  11. I do... I like being able to make a specific amount of something. For example, I don't want to use up all my sleet wheat making pepper bread for only my most needy dupes and not have any grain left over for other meals. And because I just like managing my food production manually.
  12. Probably because so many people complained about it multiplying the regolith. I think it'd be better if each product had different ratios (for example, regolith 100%, ore 300%, , dirt 500%, or something like that), or if it were used to convert regolith into these materials. Would be an industry-free way to obtain more dirt. Like how most critters serve as a way to generate resources without machinery.
  13. I was hoping it "filtered" the regolith into dirt and ore. If it just multiplies what it eats, it still has its uses, but not as a regolith trash bin, unfortunately.
  14. Obviously, the game is going to get easier the more you play it. You can't expect to play a game forever and still feel like the first hour. Once you've mastered everything it has to offer, and the challenge is gone, then you move on to something new. Or perhaps you are just waiting for DLC?
  15. @_Q_ I'm sorry the game feels too simple for you. I know I would like if it were more complex, but I still think it is a very fun game the way it is. I don't see the point in sticking around and complaining when it clearly isn't going in the direction you want and never will. Klei has a vision for what kind of game they want it to be, whether it agrees with yours or not. Either mod the game closer to what you want, find a different game to play, or put the effort in to design your own. Negativity of this kind accomplishes nothing, unless you're just trying to make those of us who enjoy it feel bad.