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  1. I should clarify that I am referring to recurrent combat (like random waves of enemies), not adding dangerous creatures independent from the rest of the core gameplay (which I would be fine with.) Hence the line:
  2. Based on other posts around the forums, I'm going to guess this will be an unpopular opinion. In survival and colony-based games like this, I always see players clamoring for some kind of aggressive mobs and wanting the game to basically turn into a base-defense game instead. It seems difficult to find games of this genre that are more "peaceful" and don't have the constant stress of an opposing force that actively seeks to destroy you and hinder your progress. (The game Banished is a good example I can think of.) If we fail, it is all on us. We survive by our wits and learn from our failures. Success by mastering the mechanics and the environment is truly satisfying, in my opinion. Anyway, I think those pushing for more combat and enemies are missing what this game is all about. (Not that I don't mind games that focus on combat, but I just don't think ONI was meant for that.) I love this game for what it is and would be bummed to see the vision change. Although, if the good folks over at Klei ever decide to implement such a feature (like space pirates)... I hope they find a good balance that doesn't detract from this game's fun and focus. But this is merely my opinion.
  3. I LOVE this idea. Don't Starve has its "test of skills" with Adventure Mode, and seeing something similar with a series of scenarios in ONI would be great. Although, you could argue "just get/make your own mods", but I am too lazy, I guess. Having an official campaign would also allow for lore and such to be tossed into the mix as well, which is always interesting.
  4. I used to have a similar issue of just not getting anything I wanted to done. The biggest thing that made a difference for me was learning to set the priorities effectively (so there is a more clear order of what/when things will get done.) This is something to best keep up with from day one of your colony, or can be a hassle to fix things later. Specializing your dupes helps with this as well. For example, making sure your builders' first priority is always build, having a dupe whose main job is to tidy up, etc. Make sure every dupe fills an important role, so nothing gets left behind. If something is the lowest priority for everyone, it most likely will never get done. If you find your dupes running all over the place too much, enabling proximity for priorities can sometimes help with that, if you haven't already. Also, it could be very possible that your workforce is simply too small to keep up with the increasing number of tasks being thrown at them. If you find yourself frequently having to max out the priority or set an alert to get something done, either one or both of these are probably your issue.
  5. I personally play on normal speed (even play on slow speed during the first few cycles.) I like to follow my dupes around during their day to make it feel more personal. I find it more fun that way. If I have to play the game on a fast speed, then it's pretty boring at that point to me. But to each his own, of course.
  6. I experience bad lag if I have way too many tasks scheduled for my dupes (from blueprinting a bunch of huge projects at once, or lots of dig orders, for example.) Could that be your issue?
  7. over population

    How long would it take them to starve to death...?
  8. Slime leaks water!

    Has to do with the water pressure, and the fact that the material is "soft". Same thing can happen with dirt, algae, and sand.
  9. I would feel a lot less annoyed at having to collect abyssalite while not being able to use it for anything if they simply lowered the mass of each tile (or thinned the walls), so it doesn't pile up so much. Then (if they wanted to), they could make it a building material again without being so OP because it is no longer so abundant. I understand why they removed that ability, but they should've also changed map gen to accommodate this.
  10. What a rookie mistake on my part then. Didn't really think that one through. Thanks, I will try that next time. I assume an aquatuner would be best for boiling the water, or is there a more efficient way?
  11. Do people usually pump steam from a vent or make their own? I had been trying to pump steam from a vent (since it's free), but now I'm thinking that's actually more difficult than it needs to be... Seeing how other people manage their steam rockets would probably be helpful, yeah. It's just that first big hurdle to get over and then I can completely forget it.
  12. I must confess that I have yet to build and have a spaceship ready for launch. I would probably be more excited about getting into the space content of the game if I could skip the steam engine and go for the petroleum rocket right away instead (since working with steam feels like more of a hassle.) Once I get to space and begin working on the infrastructure for the whole thing, everything tends to grind to a halt waiting for enough steel, ceramic, etc. to get made and systems to get built. Not to mention the issue of "taming" the surface. At this point, it becomes a bit of a chore for me and I usually get bored and want to start a new colony. Or maybe I just need to "git gud". I have to admit I am not as skilled at this game compared to many others on the forums. Or maybe I just don't have the patience.
  13. Probably just a placeholder for now. Maybe they are planning to implement achievements with the official launch.
  14. Does wild critters being overcrowded actually cause any problems, though? I just have a one-tile wide opening on each side of the printer to a pool below for them to collect in. Those plus all wild eggs I find means mine are always overcrowded, but they still replenish their numbers. Unless you all are talking about ranching them, then ignore me.
  15. Load game bug

    I agree with @KittenIsAGeek. If you're determined to save-scumming until you get exactly what you want, you might as well just use sandbox to spawn it yourself. Only difference is saving yourself the time/hassle of reloading. If I am ever inclined to "break the rules", there are tools already included to let me do that. Allowing the player to endlessly refresh the results seems like a waste to me. And making the results predetermined would ruin the fun of it, in my opinion. The way it works now is only an "exploit" because people are abusing it. Acknowledging the behavior as cheating, doing it anyway, and then blaming the mechanic seems backwards to me. There is nothing in the game that makes it feel like you have to do it unlike some previous exploits. You gain no benefit from it. I get the impression that some have turned it into some kind of "gambling" even though there is no reason to. But to get back to the original point of this post, I also would like if the printer pod's results were saved (in the case of reserving a dupe for later, as mentioned.) I'd imagine this is perhaps just a problem the devs didn't foresee.