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Ecological field notes

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Upon my travels, I have uncovered many befuddling species of my prison. It is indeed strange how these creatures manage to live without throwing the ecosystem of balance, yet they manage to do it. There are a great many secrets I am not able to discover.


Large bovines that resemble a yellow bison with a large head and larger horns thatt resemble antlers, their existence is simply a mystery. They live in large herds, yet they do not seem capable of reproducing. Hunting beefalo severely reduces their numbers and they never seem to increase. Anyway, I have never seen a beefalo calf. Docile, but defensive, they do not seem to have any natural predators. It seems that it is good they cannot muiltiply, else their numbers will increase without anything to slow them down, threatening the ecosystem. They seem to be immortal due to their large herds, it is unknown how they came into existence in the first place.

I assumed by their appearance that they eat grass, yet a lot of tall grass grows near them, but they aren'tchopped. Perhaps the beefalo eat shorter grass? I will have to observe them more.


I simply call them spiders due to the resemblance of spiders from where I come from. Although they do have the carnivorous appetite and eight eyes like the spiders I am familiar with, they have only four legs and are far larger than any other spider heard of. They also feed differently.

They are nocturnal, social animals living in strange silk dwellings with a maximum of three sections. They will eat any meat presented to them. At night, they roam the land in search of food. They attack me and any pigs I have befriended and eat any meat that is gained. They are cannibalistic,Eating the meat of fallen kin. They defend their nest vigourously during the day if it is attacked.


With their eight eyes, four legs and large size unlike their correspondents of which I know of, the bees of this land seem to be closely related to these spiders. They perform the essential task of pollination along with the butterflies. They produce sweet honey for their larvae which can be stolen but will 'bee' defended against by any bees present inside the hive.


They roam the land, pollinating all the small flowers I find, yet I have never seen fruits from them and I have never seen caterpillars of the butterflies.


During my travels, I have discovered strange pigs that are capable of walking. The finest lumberjacks and carpenters I know of, these seem to be the dominant sentient species here. They have a tendency to live in forest clearings, presumably cleared by themselves. They seem to be considerably intelligent despite their weak linguistical abilities. They have real hate towards spiders, presumably from a long history with them. They will attack any spider that they ever see, disregarding their own health.

Once hungry, they will eat any raw meat on the ground, although cooked meat have to be offered to them. They have strong digestion skills much like a normal pig and are capable of excreting a large amount immediately after vegetative material has been offered to them. They are social creatures and seem to be ruled by an immobile pig which is extremely large. Presumably of the same species, the 'pig king' has obtained a lot of gold using unfathomable methods and will give some away at a price. He is the jeweler of this land. Pigs are distrustful of me, but they will become extremely faithful followers who do whatever I tell them to, even if it means their own end.


Likely the most hunted animal here, they are extremely shy creatures who flee before the smallest sign of danger. Oddly they do not seem to fear pigmen, who can kill them. They eat most of the vegetables I eat, having a intense lust for carrots, yet they do not dig up carrots growing within the soil. It is truly odd how they survive.


The seed-dispersal agent here, they do excrete a lot of seeds. They are difficult to catch and I have never caught them myself (Bird trapping update still not released). It is strange where they get their seeds, since the crops that grow out of them with the exception of carrots and berries are not found anywhere here. Also bit is truly odd as they do not germinate unless I put them in a farm. I don't know how the abundant plant life exists.

More to come!

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