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Industrial machines for steel problems plus some new stuff

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Hello guys! (•ω•)/

Today I will introduce TWO advanced industrial machines.


1. Industrial compactor

Talking about lime. A essential ingrediet for steel production. Using shells only as ingredient is too slow, but with current technology dupes have they lacks a better compactor for refining calcium carbonate into lime out of fossils.

So, this machine just come in handy for solving that problem. (but notice that fossils can be only found in hot oil biome based on what I know. I mean temperature is a challenge for mining that.)

Also, it can be also used to compact algae into coal for your generators.

If you have other recipe that a industrial compactor can use, plaese comment (•ω•)/


2. Industrial Electrolyser

Anyone who have seen my post about converting CO2 into O2 may remember I mentioned about a new machine Industrial Electrolyser.

May not be useful in the current version in the game (or even getting rejected by both developers and players), but that is a possible idea.

Inputs must be liquids or dissolved substances* (I’ll mention it later), and (HOT) gas products will be directly discharged from the machine like the normal electrolyser. Solid output is directly put on ground like most of the refineries.

Recommand to put it in cooled and heat-insulated rooms.


3. Dissolved substances

A problem with soluble ionic compounds (or just what you simply called salts. NOT TABLE SALTS.) is it may need lots of new liquids added into the game. My solution without adding new liquids is to show it in menu of the liquid showing how much and what have dissolved in liquid.

(Sorry for my poor explaination.)



Hope you guys like it.

Comment please (•ω•)/



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I'm not sure about the algae to coal though. We've been trying to figure out a way to produce algae enough to feed and sustain the pacu fish. I would suggest using seeds instead. They clutter the ground and I have to select them one by one to compost them. Would be nice to have more use out of the excess seeds we get.

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As for the lime situation i don`t think it`s a bottlenech anymore. The amount you can get from fossils is easily enough for a basic defence shell and a few rockets and by the time you get that done you can have enough eggshells stockpiled to keep you going.

As for converting algae to coal (should porbbly be carbon) i was thinking of a burner machine that could do such conversions. Converting all organics into carbon and refined metals into raw (except gold since it doesn`t make sense).

Also i think we could use an upgraded coal generator that burns refined carbon instead and produces more power per kg.

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I'd love the industrial compactor, particularly if it could store more than 4 compactors in a 2x4 space. My current method for mass storage is having a row of compactors suspended above a lower compactors in a 16x4 room. Compactors function fine even without a floor beneath them, which is a bit silly.

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