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crossbreeds in between plants

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I  think it would kinda make sence if plants may be able to adapt to certain  environmental factors. Its kinda strange that a plant can grow till a certain point and suddenly stops because the temperature is 0,01° C too hot or too cold. It would also be cool if you could breed plants with each other until you get crops with certain attributes like grows better in light or accepts water and polluted water or you gain more food from a harvest. I am sorry if  a topic like this was already posted.

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In nature, plants does not grow well if they don't have what they need. And they can even die.

Hopefully, in the game, a plant don't die, it just suddenly stop growing as soon as temperature get to high/low, or if it lacks dirt/water. But think about this limit as an extrem just like water change to steam at 100°C.

5 °C below/above the max/min temperature is just to consider as a danger zone for the plant. And it's up to you to keep it  in the comfort zone. ;)


The only thing I whould see to change, is that domesticated plants "starve" when they lack a domestication parameter.

Maybe it should only grow at the wild speed until we can assume the domestication anew.


(and maybe mealwood should accept a max temperature of 40°C  :P)

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