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[Game Update] - 286010

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Today we are adding the ability to translate Hot Lava into other languages. This is an important step towards early access. If you are interested in helping translate Hot Lava into your language instructions are available at the bottom of this update.

Detailed Patch Notes

  • Added full translation support
  • Added translation mod uploader tool to Steam
  • Difficulty markings have been added to the course info screen of each course
  • Added football item set
  • Added community spotlight award item
  • Added community speedrunning award item
  • Automatically disable SSAO in potato, was visually detrimental
  • Optimization: decorations now lod out at a distance based on quality
  • Optimization: Integrated Vignette into the fog pass
  • Re-tuned pursuit to be more competitive
  • Improved visuals of lava fog
  • Fix for bug where finish points could be seen through walls before they were active
  • Collision cleanup in wholesale for some trap areas, some notorious traps in freezer and at the start of course Meat Grinder.
  • Timer visibility re-enabled for first sections of mastery courses (the timer is always counting so this will not affect the leaderboards)
  • Fix for bug where players would sometimes play non-pogo jump animations on pogo
  • Improve gamepad navigation on Custom Game screen
  • Improve default settings for detected hardware
  • Improved accessibility of the art room in school

Language Mods
For more information on how to create and submit user generated translations please visit the Klei Forums:


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