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Faster Speed and Further Zoom

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Yes, you can do this in debug mode but would be nice to be able to do both of these without it.
Currently I actually resort to using Cheat Engine for the speed where I speed the game up 10 times lol.
Sadly that can cause crashes, only happened once so far in 20 or so hours of playtime though, luckily.

I'd love a mode that is as fast as Alt+Z is, and one mode that is slightly faster than that as well.

I'd love if you were able to zoom out at least double of what you're currently able to without debug.

I'm not a fan of having to use a debug mode that lets you do all sorts of things, accidently bumping backspace and various other things that I've managed to toggle.
While Cheat Engine allows for all sorts of crazy things as well, I only know how to speed the game up. :p 

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2 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

The main problem ist, more speed causes lag in the engine itself. Resulting in stuck dupes, wierd behavior of automation and so on. If the CPU is not the fastest model, the engine cant handle it very well.

Ah, so that's why my dupes get stuck every now and then lol.
Well, if speed is currently not viable to add, I'd personally still love to be able to zoom out more.
I'll just stick to using cheat engine to speed it up for now lol.

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